9 Mai 2007 - Nouvelles Versions Windows & Business

Les dernières nouveautés de Skype

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9 Mai 2007 - Nouvelles Versions Windows & Business

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Salut :)

Ce 9 Mai sont en effet sorties 2 nouvelles versions de Skype pour la plate-forme Windows :

Skype pour Windows v3.2.0.145
Skype pour Windows Business v3.2.32.145

---> Skype pour Windows v3.2.0.145

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ChangeLog : 09.05.2007, version v3.2.0.145
* feature: "Save as" possibility in My Pictures
* change: Extras Manager updated to version
* change: Video icon in contact card is now clickable
* change: Blue background for "Start my video" button
* change: Video capability icon is shown in profile windows also
* change: New call forwarding status icon
* change API: API plugin will be banned for current session if user closes ACL form 3 times
* bugfix: Audio related small fixes
* bugfix: Skype crashed when conference starting windows was opened with incorrect telephone number
* bugfix: Start Skype when I start Windows doesn't match with settings on Sign-In screen
* bugfix: Links in account panel were not clickable
* bugfix: Advanced options were not displayed if user saved settings on them
* bugfix: Video preview in options were on wrong resolution
* bugfix: Options buttons had white boarders around them
* bugfix: In conference call host was not marked as host
* bugfix: Learn more link in privacy options was misaligned
* bugfix: On rare occasions Skype was not displayed in taskbar
* bugfix: Contact card displayed sometimes wrongly in compact mode
* bugfix: Changing display mode to compact while chat open was not fully acknowledged
* bugfix: Volume widget in options was not accessible from keyboard
* bugfix: Typing indicator has sometimes in compact mode box around it
* bugfix: File Transfer windows had 2 unnamed links for screen reader
* bugfix: Unable to start conference call from menu
* bugfix: Tray icon warning was not cleared when user logged out and right after in with another user
* bugfix: Special characters in SMS deleted other content in some occasions
* bugfix: Volume slider was reset after call by Skype if user had changed it
* bugfix: Skype crashed on rare cases when ending conference call
* bugfix: Privacy settings for incoming call did not work always
* bugfix: Call quality feedback link did not work
* bugfix: Cyrillic characters displayed as question marks on some cases
* bugfix API: "API Attachment Successful" event was not received from Skype client
* bugfix API: Pending plugins were not notified about authorization changes
* updated language files

---> Skype pour Windows Business v3.2.32.145

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ChangeLog : 09.05.2007 version v3.2.32.145
*** Idem v3.2.0.145 ***


ps : Merci Papy40 pour l'info ;)