15 Novembre 2006 - Nouvelle Beta Mac

Les dernières nouveautés de Skype

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Message non lu par Wysiwyg » 16 nov. 2006, 11:25

Sapristi !

Je m'aperçois qu'ici, on a omis de signaler la sortie hier, 15 novembre, de la version béta publique de Skype pour Mac avec SMS, la :o

Trouvable aux endroits habituels, bien sûr... :angeneon:

Mieux vaut tard que jamais... ;-) Et non pas : Vieux motard que j'aimais !

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Message non lu par zouma » 16 nov. 2006, 20:43

Salut :)

En effet, merci pour la news...

Donc, ce mercredi 15 Novembre est sortie une nouvelle version beta de Skype pour Mac osX.

Skype pour Mac version beta !

> <span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'><a href='http://www.skype.com/download/skype/macosx/25beta.html' target='_blank'>A télécharger ici</a></span> <

ChangeLog: 15.11.2006: Skype for Mac Beta
* new feature: SMS :)
* new feature: improved history list in main window
* new feature: ripple animation effects (Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) only)
* new feature: ringing device selection to audio preferences
* change: video resolution for G5 machines is now the same as Intel machines (increased)
* change: view chat history with links for 1day, 1week, 1month...
* change: upgraded Growl framework to 0.7.4
* change: SkypeOut contacts and contacts with call forwarding are placed in front of offline contacts in the contact list (sorting)
* change: removed Insert Emoticon submenu from Edit menu of main menu
* change: quickfilter is cleared when toolbar is hidden
* change: quickfilter is cleared when switching between history and contact list
* change: picture-in-picture view is always fully visible
* change: full screen video controls are always fully visible
* change: improved error message when user tries to make a call while offline
* change: improved error message in case of misc error #8401 (when user is signed out of Skype and tries to make a call)
* change: contact will not be added to the contact list if user presses "cancel" button in the send auth request window
* improvement: screensaver disabled when in full screen video mode
* improvement: pressing ESC key in contact list will return focus to address bar
* improvement: other call related sounds like busy, outgoing call etc are now sent to Skype output device (instead of system output device)
* improvement: incoming call and incoming call waiting sounds are now sent to ringing device
* improvement: new multichat leave icon
* improvement: all other notifications sounds are now sent to system alert device instead of system output device
* improvement: "Start Conference" window improved
* improvement: "Leave Chat" dialog includes chat topic
* bugfix: voice level indicator of self was not working on Panther
* bugfix: sometimes two Skype items appeared on the system status bar
* bugfix: sometimes icon for "mute" was shown instead of icon for "hold", while call was both held and muted
* bugfix: SkypeOut calls were not hung up when user went offline
* bugfix: setting front chat of chat window did not work if main chat win was closed before (grey blank chat window bug)
* bugfix: Send File and Send Contacts menu items were sometimes disabled in conference call windows
* bugfix: Send Contacts now accepts space (instead of comma) as separator for multiple recipients
* bugfix: placeholder text on default avatar image was not localizable
* bugfix: picture-in-picture view in video calls disappeared under certain circumstances
* bugfix: number of missed events in the red badge was not updated when in "Do Not Disturb" mode
* bugfix: number field of the SkypeOut Caller window was messed up on Panther
* bugfix: it is not possible to accidentally reject an incoming call by pressing space-key when Full Keyboard Access is turned on for all controls
* bugfix: invalid handling of "Incoming connections port" setting.
* bugfix: incorrect display name shown in conference call window if there is a SkypeOut contact in the contact list and another Skype contact has the same phone number in her profile
* bugfix: incoming conference calls crashed when the host hung up the call quickly
* bugfix: incoming conference call was often shown as 1-on-1 call
* bugfix: if you set an image with high dpi as your avatar then it was not resized properly
* bugfix: if URL was followed with a comma or period, it was considered as part of the link
* bugfix: icon was missing from send auth request sheet
* bugfix: fixed a crash on sign in as another user with same username as already being logged in
* bugfix: file transfer window labels were not clickable
* bugfix: editable chat topic didn’t blur on mouse clicks elsewhere
* bugfix: default ringtone of incoming calls was wrong (it was "call waiting" ringtone instead)
* bugfix: crashes on plug-unplug headset
* bugfix: crash when changing ringing device in preferences while incoming call is ringing
* bugfix: contacts dragged into chat window drawer went to message centre not to the window they were dragged into
* bugfix: contact list was messed up in certain cases when switching between compact and extended contact view
* bugfix: chat window toolbar was hidden by default
* bugfix: busy tone was played when an incoming call was declined
* bugfix: bookmarked chat was not removed from Chat > Bookmarked Chats after leaving the chat
* bugfix: after resuming a held full screen video call, background was green
* bugfix: 1-on-1 chats were sometimes shown as multichats
* API change: sendSkypeCommand returns info synchronously whenever possible (previously all info was returned by asynchronous callback skypeNotificationReceived)
* API bugfix: quickfiltering was not performed after BTN_RELEASED commands
* API bugfix: MUTE commands were not working
* API bugfix: BTN_RELEASED NO didn't end voicemail recording


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Message non lu par Wysiwyg » 16 nov. 2006, 21:10


À l'intention de ceux qui ne réussiraient pas à s'y retrouver avec --> <a href='http://users.skynet.be/vifoyan/Page_Sky ... skype.html' target='_blank'>la fonction SMS</a> <--

Hth ;)
Mieux vaut tard que jamais... ;-) Et non pas : Vieux motard que j'aimais !