24 Mai 2006 - Nouvelles Versions Windows

Les dernières nouveautés de Skype

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Salut :)

Ce 24 Mai est sortie deux nouvelles versions de Skype pour Windows.

Skype pour Windows version Beta
> <span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'><a href='http://skype.com/download/skype/windows ... 5beta.html' target='_blank'>A télécharger ici</a></span> <

Skype pour Windows version
> <span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'><a href='http://skype.com/download/skype/windows/' target='_blank'>A télécharger ici</a></span> <

---> 24.05.2006 version
* feature: Add SMS button to Contact Card
* feature: Remember SMS window size after resizing
* feature: Add offline message hint to SMS
* change: Changes to existing help messages
* change: Voicemail time settings incorrectly saved sometimes
* change: Outlook contacts were not shown in All Contacts group
* change: Removed animated emoticons from SMS
* change: Buttons changed in SMS windows
* change: Manage API access option not activated if option dialog open
* change: Hangup sound was played when in DND mode
* change: Updated installer language files
* change: Status icon removed from search window
* bugfix: Call quality web links were not working
* bugfix: Price precision in Skype client was invalid
* bugfix: There was no Promote Add to Contacts window after finishing call
* bugfix: Incorrect behavior when leaving a Shared Group
* bugfix: Country drop-down should be grayed out when entering + in textbox
* bugfix: ‘Picture belongs to another user’ dialog missing full name value
* bugfix: Add possibility to edit SkypeOut number
* bugfix: File transfer sometimes froze after restart
* bugfix: Was impossible to rename contact in chat window
* bugfix: Search window looked ugly when Korean language chosen
* bugfix: Spain Info icon was misplaced on Call tab
* bugfix: Deleted SMS entry reappeared in History tab after Skype restart.
* bugfix: There were redraw issues of the call button when mouse was at a specific location and you typed into the call bar
* bugfix: Impossible to reset default ring tones
* bugfix: Localized alphabetical order of country list now in Predictive Dialer
* bugfix: Elements did not update on dial pad when language was changed
* bugfix: Impossible to copy URLs from end of multiline chat messages
* bugfix: There was sometimes an ‘access violation’; error after accepting new contact in shared group.
* bugfix: Contact name not displayed in some cases for SMS
* bugfix: When dialing an emergency number wrong dialog was displayed
* bugfix: Changed call quality tip layout
* bugfix: Possible to start calling from an offline state
* bugfix: Message about blocking a user was not displayed
* bugfix: Message "this person has left the group" appears on top of numbers when someone leaves a shared group
* bugfix: Country drop-down not disabled if it matches what the user is typing
* bugfix:: 011 cannot act as international prefix for South Korea
* bugfix: API: Commands SET CALL <id> SEEN and SET CALL <id1> JOIN_CONFERENCE <id2> caused Skype crash
* bugfix: API: Skype crashed if a call's property was asked while there had been calls made with earlier 2.5 version
* bugfix: API: Not possible to resume call by SET CALL <id> STATUS INPROGRESS
* bugfix: SkypeOut customer feedback changed to https

---> 24.05.2006 version
* bugfix: SkypeOut customer feedback changed to https


Espérons que les bugs signalés par Papy40 soient corrigé... Sinon si vous avez des problèmes avec cette version, il vous faudra vous rabattre sur la dernière version stable finale, à savoir la

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Message non lu par spoon » 14 juin 2006, 18:20

nouvelle version 2.5 final :)

d'ailleurs, j'ai eu un bug en l'installant, j'ai mit ignorer et ca a l'air d'aller...