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Les dernières nouveautés de Skype

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Ce 10 Octobre 2005 est sortie une nouvelle version pour Windows: La

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10.10.2005 version

* change: voicemail check box was made to wrap text in order to fit longer texts
* bugfix: Some Japanese text did not display correctly on Windows 2000
* bugfix: improved communication when detecting contacts voicemail and call forwarding privileges
* bugfix: Yen mark was not displayed correctly on Skype client
* bugifx: receiving calls from users starting with a dot produced an error
* bugfix: entering an invalid character to voicemail check box produced an error
* bugfix: importing contacts from Visit Card produced an error
* bugfix: ring sound never quit when answering a call by joining it to conference
* bugfix: starting a chat to yourself using Skype link produced an error
* bugfix: 'promote add to contacts' dialog was missing
* bugifx: Swedish EULA was missing in new user creation form
* bugfix: API access control list was unusable with high DPI settings
* new language files: German (Claudius Henrichs & ##### Schiferli) French (Fabrice Imperial) Portuguese Brazilian(Anna Nyström ) Hebrew (Ronen Ben-Naftali) Russian (Viktoria Randalainen/Tatjana Kruti) Turkish (Emin Dede) Hungarian (Mark Bender) Bulgarian (Nikolina Filipova, Nikolay Filipov)