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Publié : 03 oct. 2006, 23:03
par zouma
Salut :)

Ce 3 Octobre est sortie une nouvelle version de Skype pour Mac OS.

Skype pour Mac version

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Cette version ne comporte pas la fonction vidéo, c'est une version finale qui n'a donc rien à voir avec les betas 2.x.x.x qui elles comportent la vidéo...

Cette version corrige un problème de sécurité relatif aux versions de Skype pour Mac.
Il est donc vivement conseillé de migrer sur cette version.

ChangeLog:03.10.2006: Skype for Mac version
* bugfix: Improper handling of URI arguments (Skype Security Bulletin <a href='' target='_blank'>SKYPE-SB/2006-002</a>)


Avec du retard...

Le 27 Septembre est sortie une nouvelle version de Skype pour Windows.

Skype pour Windows version

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Il s'agit d'une nouvelle version de la génération des 2.5.x.x. Ce n'est pas une beta (à l'inverse des 2.6.x.x).

ChangeLog:27.09.2006 version
* feature: Optional Google toolbar installation for Internet Explorer
* bugfix: fixed some rare video crashes


Encore avec du retard....

Toujours ce 27 Septembre, est sorti de nouvelles versions de Skype Beta pour Linux.

Skype pour Linux version Beta

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ChangeLog: 27.09.2006 Skype for Linux BETA Update
* feature: Clickable phone numbers in the profile viewer.
* feature: Ctrl-Q in the main window will quit Skype.
* feature: Ctrl-U in the main list now shows/hides offline users
* feature: Ctrl-W will now close a chat window
* feature: Implement Contact List quickfilter.
* feature: New (bow) emoticon.
* feature: New status icon for offline users who have call forwarding enabled
* feature: Remember last directory used to pick profile avatar.
* feature: Skype Web links should now be delivered in the user's selected language.
* feature: View -> View Call Buttons now allows you to show/hide Call Buttons
* feature: add hot keys for: toggle menu - Ctrl-M, open options dialog - Ctrl-O, open profile editor - Ctrl-P
* optimization: Cleaned up address bar dialog
* optimization: Speed-up/clean chat window history loading.
* optimization: Speed-ups of the chat window constructor.
* change: Default double-click action set to Call, not Chat. (WARNING: DEFAULT BEHAVIOUR CHANGED)
* change: Clear quickfilter on Escape.
* change: Focus mood field on profile editor open, for quick changing.
* change: Make Update button in profile editor the default button.
* change: Make call buttons nice and pretty.
* change: Make call/hangup buttons highlight on hover and show pushed state.
* change: Up-to-date language translations for 28 languages are included.
* change: Updated EULA.
* bugfix: "Username taken" should draw the correct select another username tab.
* bugfix: API: Add MINIMIZE command support. Accept letters in BTN_PRESSED, BTN_RELEASED handler.
* bugfix: API: Call forwarding has no effect
* bugfix: API: wrong CONNSTATUS is displayed
* bugfix: Add error messages for read and write errors on file transfers. Failed! message is now in red.
* bugfix: Add missing sounds for hold/resume/hangup/contact online
* bugfix: Add space between edge and text (IRC Style)
* bugfix: Alt keys should be ignored if they're unrelated to menu options.
* bugfix: Bad sorting in invite user to chat/create new conference dialog
* bugfix: Black header for /help in chat in default style.
* bugfix: Call buttons are hidden, if you open event panel
* bugfix: Cancel button should be reactivated after a failure during create account
* bugfix: Change agreement text and include Terms of Service and Privacy Statement.
* bugfix: Change generic sign-in failed message to incorrect Skype name or password, and clear password field.
* bugfix: Chat sound should play when popup notifications are off.
* bugfix: Close client after a database failure is experienced
* bugfix: Delete folder ~/.Skype and won't be able to log-in again
* bugfix: Disable call/conference button when we are offline
* bugfix: Display language titles in their native title first.
* bugfix: Don't disable the entire View menu in signed off state, disable its options instead.
* bugfix: E-mail privacy clickable link in Profile Editor
* bugfix: EP: missed event is shown too early
* bugfix: Fix "Add to my contacts" checkbox behaviour in authorisation request
* bugfix: Fix Aborted Voicemail dialog username.
* bugfix: Fix HTML escaping in profile viewer
* bugfix: Fix HTML escaping on call tab, in tray/drawer events, in rename dialog
* bugfix: Fix Help/Tips checkbox in Options - Notifications.
* bugfix: Fix Remove Buddy and Block Buddy dialogs to have focus on No button.
* bugfix: Fix Send Contacts window minimum size after contact send failure.
* bugfix: Fix a bug related to new popup behaviour timer.
* bugfix: Fix ability to use other Skype windows whilst Options dialog is open.
* bugfix: Fix bad formatting of Skype database error.
* bugfix: Fix connecting and ringing sounds.
* bugfix: Fix crash when calling +000000
* bugfix: Fix default focus on Manage Blocked Users window
* bugfix: Fix disappearing language/country texts in profile editor
* bugfix: Fix doubling/shifted text on call tab.
* bugfix: Fix for endless ringing bug.
* bugfix: Fix for one last Services drawer ugly drawing bug
* bugfix: Fix for toolbar buttons being active in offline mode.
* bugfix: Fix formatting error on Send Contacts form.
* bugfix: Fix formatting of help to avoid almost invisible typists name.
* bugfix: Fix high CPU usage if you continually click Enable/Mute All Sounds
* bugfix: Fix language change bug in profile viewer.
* bugfix: Fix names being shortened incorrectly in chat window.
* bugfix: Fix password change successful message.
* bugfix: Fix sort order in chat windows to be by visible name.
* bugfix: Fix sort order in multichats and main window
* bugfix: Fix sorting of Send Contacts dialog.
* bugfix: Fix sound playback after a higher priority sound is played.
* bugfix: Fix tab order of options window
* bugfix: Fix technical call info to show ALSA device instead of OSS.
* bugfix: Fix two more escaping issues (Group name tooltip and username in Remove Buddy window)
* bugfix: Fix voicemail/call history related issues.
* bugfix: Fix window title for user receiving authorisation request.
* bugfix: Fix window title for user requesting authorisation.
* bugfix: Fixed crash when attempting to Report a Problem before signing in
* bugfix: Fixed double-click oddity when double-click mode is set to Call and we are logged off
* bugfix: Fixed event/services drawer background colour oddities
* bugfix: Fixed font size issue for Block this person...
* bugfix: Group count is no longer added to the group name whilst editing the group name
* bugfix: Groups are now sorted correctly.
* bugfix: Handle immediate signout errors such as UIC failure and password has changed correctly.
* bugfix: Kill Ring PC Speaker
* bugfix: LOGIN: Skype forgets login information
* bugfix: LOGIN: create new user -- no skypename availability check
* bugfix: Logic mistake when addding your own username with capital letters
* bugfix: Chat: Skype crashes on logging
* bugfix: Chat: bow emoticon is missing from emoticon box
* bugfix: Make profile viewer better accomodate large About texts.
* bugfix: More (and better) fixes for connection issues during registration.
* bugfix: Newlines in group names are now changed to spaces.
* bugfix: Options: part of privacy page is hidden if you are in skype me mode
* bugfix: Options: update privacy page when switching to/from Skype Me mode.
* bugfix: Password change titlebar should not be empty after an unhandled failure.
* bugfix: Pick the original colour when using Skype Default Chat style.
* bugfix: Pressing Enter after entering a PSTN number into Quickfilter should call.
* bugfix: Proper Expand History button state restored after chat window style change.
* bugfix: Re-enable search buttons upon completion of a successful search.
* bugfix: Re-sorted View drop-down box to fit with display order of objects.
* bugfix: Remember menu bar hiding status.
* bugfix: Remove bookmarked flag if you permanently leave a chat.
* bugfix: Remove unnecessary CPU-hogging signal.
* bugfix: Renamed 'ungrouped buddies' to 'Ungrouped Contacts'
* bugfix: Resorted chat /help command and added /call command.
* bugfix: Retranslate Bookmarked and Recent Chats menu items.
* bugfix: Selecting Block Buddy on authorisation request will disable the add xxx to contact list option
* bugfix: Send file pathname was not remembered when sending from inside chat window.
* bugfix: Skype should prompt for login details instead of attempting login after a sign out.
* bugfix: Emoticons text should not be case sensitive.
* bugfix: Some skype links are impossible to make clickable (fixes emoticons matching in emails and inside other texts too).
* bugfix: Split Call Sound Device into Speaker and Mic.
* bugfix: Stop profile viewer from being draggable anywhere on the window.
* bugfix: Strip leading and duplicate http:// from URL in profile viewer
* bugfix: Toolbar can be hidden via context menu
* bugfix: Typing a phone number in quickfilter, contacts list goes blank
* bugfix: Chat: do not separate conference numbers
* bugfix: User online sound should play when popup notifications are off.
* bugfix: fields disappear in the profile after changing the language
* bugfix: Fix translation for "New password cannot be the same as the old password."
* bugfix: Invalid error message, if you try to add yourself in contact list.
* bugfix: missing space in Duration message
* bugfix: remember path for sending files and receving files separately.
* bugfix: sort groups alphabetically in contact list
* bugfix: sort groups in user right mouse button menu

Vu la listes des changements, corrections, et améliorations, il est plus que conseillé de migrer...