30 Août 2006 - Nouvelles Beta Windows Et Mac

Les dernières nouveautés de Skype

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Salut :)

Ce 30 Août est sortie une nouvelle version beta de Skype pour Windows.

Skype pour Windows version Beta
Les 2.6 ne sont plus des "preview" et passent en phase beta.

> <span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'><a href='http://www.skype.com/download/skype/win ... 6beta.html' target='_blank'>A télécharger ici</a></span> <

---> 30.08.2006 version
* feature: New Sound Audio Library
* feature: Voice access API
* feature: IE and FF plug-ins integrated (phone number recognition on web pages)
* feature: Clickable links in mood messages
* feature: Avatars clickable in chat windows
* feature: Added "Clear all missed events" in events panel right click menu
* feature: API: USER property NROF_AUTHED_BUDDIES
* feature: API: CALL properties FORWARDED_BY and VAA_INPUT_STATUS
* change: Quickfilter searches from beginning of words only
* change: Avatar drag and drop ability
* change: API: If user has validated mobile phone number for Skype account, on sending SMS via API receiver Sees number as sender, instead of Skype name
* change: API: moved PONG reply to PING into library thread - now asynchronous
* bugfix: On some occasions clicking on test webcam gave an ' Access Violations' error
* bugfix: Manage blocked users dialog was broken
* bugfix: Multiple SMS count was not translatable
* bugfix: German character coding was incorrect in main uninstaller screen
* bugfix: Mood messages was not show when name too long
* bugfix: Long mood message and its tooltip did not fit to window
* bugfix: Quick Filter : closing button was out of position
* bugfix: 'Call' button was disabled when conf call chosen in call history
* bugfix: "Start Skype when computer starts" was always checked
* bugfix: Line break in mood message showed weird in chat
* bugfix: Skype crashed on deleting a SO contact
* bugfix: Not all Installer window headers translated
* bugfix: Shared Groups: receiving invitation while DND
* bugfix: Video start/stop buttons were hidden when call is on hold
* bugfix: Maximized window was not really maximized
* bugfix: Could not focus Skype window when not signed in
* bugfix: Call action button in conference calls did not work
* bugfix: Some files were not unlocked before Skype was closed
* bugfix: Country list was not sorted in search window
* bugfix: Shared Groups: when contact leaves group the text was overlapping with mood message
* bugfix: Mute text should be "unmute" when muted
* bugfix: Answering conference from conf calltab did not cancel tray notification
* bugfix: Call tab: video start/stop button disappeared when used during a held call
* bugfix: Conf call: participant on hold was shown only to host
* bugfix: Country select list did not disappear when clicking somewhere else
* bugfix: Localized country names in search window did not change, if you changed languages
* bugfix: Start Video via context menu did not change video button text
* bugfix: Ending video call did not show avatar again
* bugfix: There was no way to bookmark chats without a mouse
* bugfix: FT dialog was opened in DND mode
* bugfix: "011" area code disabled country selection
* bugfix: Chat message s might have got lost when other party uses embedded device
* bugfix: Mouse wheel scroll did not work when chat member list was hidden
* bugfix: Notification parameters did not support Unicode
* bugfix: Call tab info was wrong when Skype contact's PSTN number called
* bugfix: Import Contacts: some text in Russian was not displayed on last dialog in import contacts flow
* bugfix: PD: scroll arrows were not working
* bugfix: Cannot replace my avatar image with different image with file name that matches existing image
* bugfix: Adding a "-" to an existing SkypeOut contact deleted that contact
* bugfix: On some occasion "View Outlook Contacts" hid other contacts
* bugfix: Multiple SMS in history was shown as one
* Arabic (Maktoob.com Inc, Eriksen Translations Inc.), Bulgarian (Nikolina Filipova & Nikolay Filipov ), Chinese Simplified (Leon Yang from TOM Online Inc), Chinese Traditional (Carlos Lee from PChome Online), Czech (Petr Silon), Danish (Eriksen Translations Inc), German (Claudius Henrichs & ##### Schiferli), Estonian (Eve Loopere), Spanish (David Reche), Greek (Panagiotis Sidiropoulos <a href='http://www.magenta.gr' target='_blank'>http://www.magenta.gr</a> ), French (Fabrice IMPERIAL & Bruno Lépaulard), Hebrew (Eriksen Translations Inc), Italian (Daniele Conte), Japanese (Mayu Shimizu), Korean (Susan Joo and Eriksen Translations Inc), Hungarian (Mark Bender & Laszlo Koncz & Gabor Stefanik) Norwegian (Stig Auestad), Dutch (Kees Koenders), Polish (Karol Szastok), Portuguese (Portugal) (Francisco Ferreira), Portuguese (Brasil) (Eriksen Translations Inc.), Finnish (Heino Keränen), Swedish (Anders Olsson), Turkish (Emin Dede), Russian (Oksana Morina), Romanian (Péter Henning and Mónika Iancu)
* known issue: API: GET/SET MUTE commands don't give a reply
* known issue: API: after joining calls to conference VIDEO_(SEND|RECEIVE)_STATUS RUNNING is falsely reported

La partie audio étant totallement remaniée dans les versions 2.6.x.x; il se pourrait que la vidéo passe un peu mieux chez ceux qui rencontraient des difficultés avec les 2.5.
La charge de la bande passante a diminuée pour l'audio avec les 2.6; ce qui laisse plus de place à la vidéo. Mais est-ce que ce sera suffisant? Pas sûr...



Salut :)

Ce 30 Août est sortie une nouvelle version Beta de Skype pour Mac

Skype pour Mac version beta - (Version sans la vidéo)

> <span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'><a href='http://www.skype.com/download/skype/macosx/15beta.html' target='_blank'>A télécharger ici</a></span> <

---> 30.08.2006: Skype for Mac version
* improvement: registration process is started right after EULA has been accepted
* bugfix: fixes some case where chat window appears all empty upon opening old chat
* bugfix: 011 was incorrectly considered as international prefix in some cases, making it impossible to dial some local numbers which had area code starting with 011
* bugfix: when contact list was filtered out, but address bar didn't have focus, the "Call This Number" button was not working
* bugfix: buttons in the confirmation dialog to clear history were not translatable
* bugfix: size and position of call window was not saved as expected when dialpad was open during a SkypeOut call
* bugfix: Crash: Searching for contacts
* bugfix: On Panther Menu bar doesn't work at all.
* bugfix: no call out ringing
* bugfix: Wrong part of chat comes up
* bugfix: import contacts showed too little email addresses to be searched
* improvement: you can set SKChatHistoryApplication to specify app to open chat history
* bugfix: Connection port is not random, it was always 54045
* bugfix: fix a bug of displaying (null) and no counry name in html titles of chat flag images
* bugfix: fix crash on receiving (flag:xx) in chat with illegal country code
* bugfix: SKIconMenuButton is not released on chat close
* bugfix: SkypeChatDisplay along with it's WebView is not deallocated on chat close
* improvement: Mouse over on Emoticons will tell you what they are.
* change: behavior of search window changed
* improvement: show flags in chats, like (flag:xx)
* change: add mood message to echo123
* bugfix: EventSpeech.strings corrupted
* bugfix: EventSpeech.strings duplicate entry
* bugfix: High CPU consumption while ringing