20 Décembre 2005 - Nouvelles Beta Mac & Windows

Les dernières nouveautés de Skype

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Salut :)

En coup de vent pour vous dire que ce 20 Décembre 2005 est sortie 2 nouvelles betas de Skype.

<span style='color:#3333FF'>1 pour Windows et 1 pour Mac OS
<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>-------> Version Beta pour Windows</span>

> <span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'><a href='http://skype.com/products/skype/windows ... _beta.html' target='_blank'>A télécharger ici</a></span> <

ChangeLog: (comprend celui de la précédente Beta)
20.12.2005 version beta

* feature: Skype video (webcam)
* feature: contact grouping
* feature: quickfilter in contact list and history (enable from Options->Advanced)
* feature: new language - Portuguese (Portugal)
* feature: new sound events for chat user join, leave and incoming message to existing chat
* feature: chats and conference calls shown in history
* feature: expandable "My Panel" (mood, events, services integrated)
* feature: add contact directly from main window
* feature: show file transfers in history
* feature: quickfilter in history
* feature: delete single or multiple history items
* feature: compact chat participant list
* feature: save user's last auth request
* feature: API commands GET/SET PCSPEAKER
* feature: API command SET VIDEO_IN <devicename>
* feature: dropping file onto calltab initiates FT
* change: auth requests new design
* change: changed group selection hotkeys to Ctrl-PgUp/PgDn
* change: call tab visual layout changed
* change: UI design elements changes
* change: tray icon flag animation on missed events
* change: tray icon connecting animation
* change: changed "Free Internet Telephony" to "The whole world can talk for free" in file description
* change: import contacts error dialog displayed when there is nowhere to import contacts from
* change: file transfer in DND mode open file transfer dialog in minimized mode
* change: new installer and uninstaller icons
* change: history limited to 30 days for all events
* change: new login animation
* change: new layout for sound options
* change: show my buddy count as an option in profile
* change: new design for user creation
* change: new design for log in
* change: main/tools menu reshuffled
* change: new sounds
* change: display full name in profile
* change: included "Classic" sounds in Sounds Options
* change: video not supported messages for Win98/2000
* change: mood message removed from profile
* bugfix: drag and drop to chat - whole window should accept target
* bugfix: accessibility: tab navigation on login dialog
* bugfix: missing window title string for remove group dialog
* bugfix: MSAA result codes on lists
* bugfix: accessibility: can't navigate to related tasks in options
* bugfix: accessibility: advanced settings not accessible by tab
* bugfix: accessibility: make 'Your e-mail will be kept private...' link accessible
* bugfix: 98/Me: some languages in EULA not shown
* bugfix: doubleclick on tray icon brings main form to top correctly
* bugfix: JPY sign not displayed in client
* bugfix: import contacts search made faster
* bugfix: Voicemail was not played if enter is pressed
* bugfix: low credit notification improved
* bugfix: voicemail menu item should be visible for non voicemail subscribers
* bugfix: login - save button should be disabled, if one password is unfilled
* bugfix: login - incorrect error message, if Skype Name starts with non-Latin letter
* bugfix: Skype UI doesn't follow Windows DPI changes
* bugfix: accessibility: speed dial announcement not reported via MSAA
* bugfix: contact list - delete does not work on multiselect
* bugfix: API notifications missing
* bugfix: add a contact and search are not changed maximize on dual-head
* bugfix: My Profile - each month contains 30 days
* bugfix: call forwarding and voicemail statuses in MSAA
* bugfix: profile view: not been online for long time?
* bugfix: chat participant list MSAA support
* bugfix: multichat doesn't update names when contacts change them
* bugfix: invalid date in profile
* bugfix: profile: Default day item in birthday dropdown
* bugfix: hotkeys value not changeable back to 'blank'
* bugfix: better usability of several forms with high dpi settings
* bugfix: error messages when webcam in use or not detected
* bugfix: can't send contacts to muptiple users.
* bugfix: memory leak in conference calls
* bugfix: History - Click on sent file opens C:
* bugfix: 98/Me: Cannot drag and drop files to send
* bugfix: call error descriptions were not displayed
* bugfix: installer only deletes default avatars
* bugfix: API - add OPEN VIDEOTEST command
* bugfix: Avatar selection opens slowly
* bugfix: Accessibility - call status is not available for screen reader
* bugfix: Accessibility - MSAA State_System_Selected not set accurately in lists
* bugfix: redialling number after new number input
* bugfix: logic of blocking and adding users
* bugfix: adding SO number - the old dialog opens
* bugfix: updates language files
* bugfix: icons shown when contact not expanded
* bugfix: Addressbar unicode support
* bugfix: unknown number no avatar
* bugfix: emoticon list does not scroll with divider
* bugfix: range check error on some mood messages
* bugfix: hanging up voicemail from non-call tab
* bugfix: events panel sizing
* bugfix: updated EULA text (German version)
* bugfix: addressbar is not cleared, if you delete some kind of event from history
* bugfix: scrollbar covers the chat participants right edge
* bugfix: wrong confirmation text if selected calls are deleted
* bugfix: 98/Me - another username appears on input field
* bugfix: Import Contacts suggests to invite contacts that are already in my CL
* bugfix: eventspanel texts had different font size if system font size was changed from large to normal
* bugfix: high DPI (125% and higher) messed up the contactlist view
* new language files: Portuguese (Portugal) - Francisco Miguel Oliveira Ferreira, Arabic - (Maktoob.com Inc), Bulgarian - (Nikolay Filipov, Nikolina Filipova), Chinese Traditional - (Morden Chen/PChome Online), Chinese Simplified - (Leon Yang/TOM Online), Danish - (Eriksen Translations Inc), Dutch - (Kees Koenders), Czech - (Petr Silon), Estonian - (Eve Loopere), Finnish - (Heino Keränen), French - (Fabrice Imperial), German - (Claudius Henrichs & ##### Schiferli), Greek - (Panagiotis Sidiropoulos/Magenta LTD), Hungarian - (Mark Bender), Italian - (Daniele Conte), Korean - (Eriksen Translations Inc), Norwegian - (Stig Auestad), Polish - (Karol Szastok), Swedish - (Anders Olsson)

<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>--------> Version Beta pour Mac OS</span>

<span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'><a href='http://skype.com/products/skype/macosx/' target='_blank'>A télécharger ici</a></span> <

20.12.2005 Skype for Mac OS X Beta version

* improvement: added keyboard shortcut to bring chat window forward
* improvement: added remote time zone and buddy count to remote profile panel
* improvement: added remote time zone and buddy count privacy options to profile
* change: Japanese localization (beta)
* bugfix: changed the default size and location of the main window
* bugfix: emoticon popup menu remained open when main menu was clicked
* bugfix: it was not possible to record, listen or delete voicemail welcome message
* bugfix: Skype remained in the background when you made a call or initiated a chat by using the menu bar item
* bugfix: sometimes main window toolbar remained hidden after a successful sign in, even though it should have been visible according to user settings
* bugfix: sometimes mood messages in the contact list and in the tooltip were different
* bugfix: under certain circumstances, the main window appeared just as a white rectangle
* change: easily switch to back to classic sounds in Events preferences
* change: added checkboxes to the Edit Profile window, to show/hide buddy count and timezone
* change: if main window is in the forefront, entered text will go to address field
* change: updated End User License Agreement (EULA)
* change: added EULAs in French, Japanese, German and Italian


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ATTENTION : la version n'est valable que pour XP ne rien changer pour W2K, la vidéo ne fonctionne pas. Ce bogue sera corrigé dans une prochaine version.
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