01 Décembre 2005 - Nouvelle Beta Pour Mac Osx

Les dernières nouveautés de Skype

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Salut :)

On ne l'avait pas remarquée... Oupsss... Excuses aux utilisateurs Mac OS...

Une version beta est donc sortie pour Mac OS le 1er Décembre.

Skype for Mac OS X 1.4 Beta
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1.12.2005 Skype for Mac OS X Beta version

* new feature: support for call forwarding
* new feature: support for mood messages
* new feature: auto-answer calls option
* new feature: automatically pause iTunes during calls
* new feature: remember open chats after quit
* improvement: now easily switch between user names
* improvement: new sounds for event notification (w/ bonus ringtone)
* improvement: font size for individual chats now adjustable
* improvement: remote contact's timezone is showed in contact list tooltip (if the contact permits it)
* improvement: "Sort Contacts by Status" added to the View menu
* improvement: chats show Skype: URL's as links
* improvement: Events & Services panels now open and close faster
* improvement: new chat / commands, enter /help in chat window to learn more
* improvement: Skype Crash reporter, reports crashes to Skype
* improvement: redesigned Call preferences panel
* improvement: new login screen
* improvement: new alert for custom ringtone while in a call
* improvement: upgraded audio for improved call quality
* change: scrollbar added to the dialpad tab
* change: chat text Send button removed
* change: cmd-= and cmd-_ also increase and decrease chat font size
* change: fade-out animation of the blue login screen (Tiger-only feature)
* change: new icon, buttons and graphics
* change: Skype icon can be replaced with CandyBar
* change: Skype Sound Test (echo123) is now added to the contact list of new Skype users by default
* bugfix: contact groups now expanded from first install
* bugfix: fixed chat handling of email addresses with dot in name
* bugfix: fixed long delay on quit
* bugfix: icon for blocked SkypeOut contacts was incorrect
* bugfix: muting conference calls failed in some cases
* bugfix: Add a Contact menu option didn't work when a chat window was the front window
* bugfix: online status was not saved
* bugfix: selected contact in the contact list was unselected after the status of a contact had changed
* bugfix: sign in as another user didn't perform fast switch between two accounts when both accounts had passwords saved
* bugfix: Skype API: GET/SET MUTE didn't work
* bugfix: Skype Name and display name of a conference call participant were in some rare cases not shown
* bugfix: many fixes related to sign-in process
* bugfix: SkypeIn status was in some cases inaccurate
* bugfix: titlebar name now sync’d better to recent changes in Profile
* bugfix: chat drawer redraw problems addressed
* bugfix: under certain circumstances hang up failed
* bugfix: Skype now runs from Unix volumes too
* bugfix: better support for Firewire devices
* known issue: some problems with Firewire device as input still exist, working to correct