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Publié : 28 juin 2006, 18:45
par zouma
Salut :)

Ce 28 Juin est sortie une nouvelle version de Skype pour Windows.

Skype pour Windows version

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---> 28.06.2006 version
* Updated translations
* Updated installer translations
* Feature: Added Send SMS button into toolbar
* change: Notification popup should disappear when not accepting call
* change: Updated language files: bg, cs, cz, en, et , ko, nl, pp, ro, sv
* change: Updated ru, pp, fi and fr installer files
* change: Updated ru and da language files
* bugfix: Public API: OPEN CHAT did not work
* bugfix: Skype crashed when clicked several times on hang up button
* bugfix: In some case Video was shown in conference call
* bugfix: SET AVATAR changes default My Skype Pictures path
* bugfix: Installing Personalise Skype avatar or Wee-Mee changes default My Skype Pictures path
* bugfix: Call button in File Transfer and Profile window does not change to Hang up during a call
* bugfix: End conference confirmation shown to participant
* bugfix: Searching user animation goes too far right
* bugfix: Error in Test webcam
* bugfix: Country list in Search Contact is not localised
* bugfix: Participant shows one member of conference in ringing mode
* bugfix: Installer - if install process was cancelled temporary folder was not cleaned up
* bugfix: Installer should not prompt for download new version anymore
* bugfix: Partner tab: right click and hide was not preserved over startup
* bugfix: Add one video call contact to another concurrent video call will cause unexpected Skype down
* bugfix: Video: Skype crashed when clicked several times hang up button + Control has no parent window
* bugfix: SC: Maximized send contacts window dialog overlap

Espérons que les problèmes de vidéo et de gourmandise en bande passante soit résolu avec cette nouvelle version. Si ce n'est pas le cas, il faudra downgrader et repasser à une version 2.0.x.x... à suivre