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Publié : 06 mai 2006, 08:11
par zouma
Salut :)

Ce 3 Mai est sortie une nouvelle version de Skype pour Windows.

Skype pour Windows version Beta

> <span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'><a href=' ... 5beta.html' target='_blank'>A télécharger ici</a></span> <

---> 03.05.2006 version
* feature: Ability to Send SMS
* feature: Predictive Dialer
* feature: Shared Groups
* feature: View Outlook Contacts
* feature: Payments in Client
* feature: Improved Account Creation
* feature: Improved Upgrade
* feature: Call quality Feedback
* feature: Simplified Installation
* feature: Voice level indicators in conference call
* feature: File Transfer resumes after restart of Skype
* feature: API group types PROPOSED_SHARED_GROUP and SHARED_GROUP (protocol 6 only), commands ALTER GROUP xx SHARE <text> and ALTER GROUP xx ACCEPT/DENY
* feature: API commands GET CALL xx RATE and GET CALL xx RATE_CURRENCY
* feature: API commands SET UI_LANGUAGE <iso> and GET UI_LANGUAGE
* change: Improved video quality
* change: Removed windows platform check for video
* change: Disable the Test Webcam button when Skype knows there is no webcam present
* change: Improve error message when sending files to Pocket PC users
* change: Replaced some ringtones
* change: Accessibility: contact mood text accessible via MSAA
* change: Accessibility: Implement MSAA support for search results
* change: Language file editor has simple search and ordering possibilities
* change: Profile window changed to non-modal
* change: Clarified 'contact details' in authorization requests
* change: Sound file too big error shown already on import
* change: Improved dialog wordings
* change: Current chat window position at beginning of unread messages when opening the window
* change: Only focused emoticon is animated in the emoticons roster
* change: API protocol 6
* change: API: conference calls that had been made or received with version 2.0 or older are not considered as conf calls any more
* change: API: After conference call is finished, CONF_PARTICIPANTS_COUNT shows number of all participants no matter when they had left
* change: ew language files Bulgarian (Nikolay Filipov & Nikolina Filipova , Czech (Petr Silon) , German (Claudius Henrichs & ##### Schiferli), Estonian (Eve Loopere), Hungarian (Mark Bender & Laszlo Koncz & Gabor Stefanik), Italian (Daniele Conte) , Norwegian (Stig Auestad), Dutch (Kees Koenders), Polish (Karol Szastok), Portuguese (Francisco Ferreira), French (Fabrice Imperial & Bruno Lépaulard), Spanish (David Reche), Finnish (Heino Keränen), Swedish (Anders Olsson) Turkish (Emin Dede), Romanian (Peter Henning), Arabic (Sophia Hammoudeh from Maktoob / Eriksen), Chinese Simplified (Leon Yang from , Chinese Traditional (Carlos Lee, Morden Chen from Pchome), Mayu Shimizu (Japanese), Anna Nystrom (Brasilian Portuguese)
* bugfix: SkypeOut call quality deteriorated in long calls over bad network
* bugfix: Fixed some corner cases where presence was shown incorrectly
* bugfix: Mood message was truncated incorrectly
* bugfix: Chinese symbols input to chat window problem with Wubi Input Methods
* bugfix: No confirmation on deleting Voicemail
* bugfix: Remove my mood message from 'my panel' title when opened
* bugfix: Video not updated when on hold
* bugfix: Pressing "cancel" did not restore previous settings for Voicemail in options
* bugfix: Calling invalid number with callto: did not show error dialog
* bugfix: Default action button in multichat for people you have not authorized should be 'add', not 'call'
* bugfix: Ampersand does not show correctly on tab header
* bugfix: Double click did not work on quickfiltered chats
* bugfix: After applying Quick Filter the previous group was changed
* bugfix: Could not select URL in chat
* bugfix: After adding new SkypeOut number Skype should focus on it
* bugfix: When only one contact in the contact list, it should always be expanded
* bugfix: Sort order in Contact List does not follow local collation order
* bugfix: User Interface language change not applied to error message
* bugfix: TypeDown search does not start at focused contact
* bugfix: Long filenames were not truncated in File Transfer window
* bugfix: API: If APPLICATION for app2app communication was created and closed without deleting it, next time it was impossible to create it again.
* bugfix: API: BTN_RELEASED deleted first character entered on Addressbar
* bugfix: API: OPEN SENDCONTACTS to multiple targets did not add recipients to form
* bugfix: API: Setting TIMEZONE bigger than 86400 was broken
* bugfix: API: ALTER VOICEMAIL actions were not returned uppercase
* bugfix: API: Sometimes on deleting voicemail notification VOICEMAIL xx STATUS DELETING was missing
* bugfix: API: SEARCH MESSAGES <username> returned other users' messages also
* known issue: upgrading to 2.5 and downgrading from 2.5 might take time depending on call history length
* known issue: conference call participant names lost in call history after upgrade
* known issue: DTMF tones from dialpad do not work

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>(Un volontaire pour traduire ??? :blblbl:)</span>

Plus serieusement:
- on peut envoyer des SMS en France (0.11€) et à l'étranger vers un ou plusieurs contacts ou numéro SkypeOut. (à voir les tarifs vers l'étranger et les SMS multi-destinataire...)
- le SkypeOut Dialing Wizard est désormais intégré à Skype.
- d'autre truc que j'ai pas bien compris
- et enfin une option bien sympat, le relancement d'un transfert de fichier après que Skype ait été coupé... (à tester d'urgence...)
- Et puis pleins de trucs corriger ou amélioré, bref elle est pas 2.5 pour rien celle là...


Désolé pour beaucoup d'entre vous, mais il semble que Skype se concentre sur la version Windows.......... et sur les services payants............

Publié : 06 mai 2006, 15:51
par spoon
ca a l'air bien ça... esperons que le sms baisse encore un peu plus par la suite

Publié : 06 mai 2006, 22:06
par zouma
Salut :)

Pour les SMS lancé via Skype, achtung, un SMS envoyé et bien arrivé m'a été signifié par la suite par Skype comme pas envoyé ou pas arrivé... Avec proposition de ré-envoi du SMS...
affaire à suivre...

J'oublié que dorénavant les mises à jour de Skype seront signalé par Skype avec proposition de téléchargement.