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4 Juillet 2007 - Nouvelles versions Windows

Publié : 04 juil. 2007, 21:21
par Papy 40
Skype ==> ICI <==

Skype entreprise ==> ICI <==

Skype beta ==> ICI <==

Publié : 05 juil. 2007, 18:12
par zouma
Salut :)

Merci Papy40 ;)

Plus d'accès au ChangeLog..............................................................
Pour une fois que j'essayais de m'y remettre un peu....................................

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Publié : 05 juil. 2007, 20:57
par Papy 40
ChangeLog des 3.2

Released version is with following changes:

improvement: Installer Vista support improved
change: Internet Explorer plug-in updated
bugfix: Call quality slightly improved
bugfix: Installer did not remember previous install location
bugfix: Latvian installer was not working
bugfix: Skype displayed blanks under audio settings
bugfix: Some rich mood messages were not shown correctly
Valable pour

ChangeLog pour la 3.5

The new release accommodates following new features:

Add video to mood and chat message
Video snapshot
What’s New Guide
Support for Firewire Digital cameras

Full list of changes in comparison with previous in new release,, is here:

change: Change SkypeMe status to Online for users under 16
change: Updated all language files
change: IE Plugin updated (
bugfix: When menu was opened it needed 2 clicks to answer a call on tray notification
bugfix: Latvian installer did not work
bugfix: Installer did not remember custom install location
bugfix: Profile phone number text was cropped
bugfix: Autoredial attempts were wrongly counted
bugfix: Skype contacts were shown as SkypeOut contacts when sending SMS
bugfix: Accessibility: Not all buttons in profile were selectable via Tabstop
bugfix: Multiple device indicators were overlaying sometimes
bugfix: Status icon was shown wrongly on some machines
bugfix: Unable to copy emoticons while writing chat message
bugfix: Chat did not open from right place when person has extended keyboard navigation enabled
bugfix: Selecting text with double click did not work as expected when there were links in message
bugfix: Skype sometimes crashed on call transfer
bugfix: Duplicate entries in contact list
bugfix: Contact groups scrollbar visible when groups not expanded
bugfix: Voicemail event count does not decrease after listening to it
bugfix: Sound error not played on some actions
bugfix: German match case option in chat shown in black
bugfix: Cyrillic characters were shown wrongly on some places
bugfix: Chat messages were shown with too much indent
bugfix: Long usernames displayed wrongly in Events Panel
bugfix: Skype displayes blanks under Audio Settings
bugfix: Name not shown on tray alert on 1680x1050 resolution
bugfix: Call forwarded icon not displayed
bugfix: Changing participants view was not possible in chat window
bugfix: Add to SkypeOut did not work as expected on some rare cases
bugfix: Options accessibility has usability problems with screen readers
bugfix: Chat window content was too wide
bugfix: Chat controls did not appear instantly
bugfix: Video calls should be better on relayed connections
bugfix: Video calls with integrated Intel video cards had green flicker
bugfix API: It was not possible to select default audio device