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22 Novembre 2006 - Nouvelle Beta Windows

Publié : 25 nov. 2006, 00:17
par zouma
Salut :)

Pendant la fermeture forcée du forum... Il est sorti, ce 22 Novembre une nouvelle version Beta de Skype pour Windows.

Skype pour Windows version Beta

> À télécharger ici <

ChangeLog : 22.11.2006 version
* known issue: Extras Manager: Installer shows an error message if some of the components that have to be rewritten are locked
* change: new button for 'leave' in chat window
* change: Do More Menu' active even when Extras Manager not running
* change: updated all translations
* bugfix: in some cases there was low voice quality in a video call
* bugfix: http/socks proxy connections did not work
* bugfix: sometimes video was not shown in incoming video call
* bugfix: Sometimes Extars Manager produced an Access Violation on start up
* bugfix: ViewProfile: divider was missing before contact count
* bugfix: LOGIN: no user name was selected and password field was not focused by default when Skype started
* bugfix: Public Chat: Wrong timestamp for remove message action
* bugfix: Sometimes there were overlapping phone numbers in contact card
* bugfix: Public Chat: Distinguish between Host and Creator in UI
* bugfix: Accessibility: MSAA for tab control added again
* bugfix: wrong flag was displayed for Ireland
* bugfix: Public Chat: Chat not ended if a promoted Host chose 'End Chat'
15.11.2006 version
*bugfix: low voice quality in a video call
*bugfix: http/socks proxy connections not working
*bugfix: video not shown in incoming video call
*updated all translations


Publié : 26 nov. 2006, 21:05
par spoon
tien, j'ai eu un petit probleme de dll à l'instalation , mais plus de problème depuis...